Dynamic Workspaces Kit (DWKit) for Microsoft Visual Studio (2013) is a suite of tools for building an Enterprise Software. Using DWKit you can make a working prototype of a project just in one month or less!

Your DevTeam needs some days to learn and understand DWKit.

Following the recommendations you receive a structured project that does not need to be refactored.

Key features

  • Form builder
  • Document workflow with function of deputies
  • Dynamic safety system on the basis of groups, roles and permission with Active Directory
  • Embedded code-editor and compiler (ะก#) for business functions
  • Multi-language support
  • Technologies: .NET Framework (C#), ASP.NET MVC, Sencha ExtJS, WorkflowEngine.NET.
  • Browser Compatibility: IE, Chome, FireFox, Safari.
  • Database providers: MS SQL Server, PosgreSQL, Oracle

DWKit is perfect for

  • Fast making of the pilot project
  • Building enterprise systems with Web interface
  • Building enterprise systems for mobile devices (coming soon)
  • Creating interfaces for third-party systems