Arguably, the most feature-rich BPM solution in the market

Drag-&-drop form builder

Hardcoding business forms is pain. So is their maintenance. DWKit’s intuitive React-based drag-and-drop builder interface allows users capture and manipulate data along the process by designing and editing custom full-featured forms without the need to create or alter them programmatically.


Business processes get more mobile and there should be no tolerance for apps that are accessed from desktops only. DWKit’s design offers complete functionality for mobile and tablet users through its responsive web interface.


DWKit is based on React and utilizes CharJS, ReactDataGrid, and Semantic UI for beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML with a breadth of definitions, that cover a gamut of interface needs:

Modules Behaviors Collections Elements Views

LDAP, Active Directory & Single Sign On

If you have an LDAP or Active Directory server set up as a central reference to store authentication data, DWKit enables you to tune its authentication mechanism to verify user credentials. Besides, the Single Sign On feature lets your users authenticate with a single application in your IT infrastructure and gain access to DWKit.

Role-based access control

Our flexible security system enables admins to allow and deny actions with the system and individual objects by assigning permissions to roles, and granting or revoking roles for appropriate groups of users.
Create and modify business users that have access to the system.
Use groups to organize users into units with common functional goals.
Restrict actions that users can perform with the system and business objects.
Collect permissions into roles and assign to users or groups.

In-built workflow engine

DWKit comes with an in-built .NET workflow engine that allows users to create custom executable workflows of any complexity so that they can model business processes themselves. We added a visual HTML5 designer that lets both developers and business users create, edit and visualize workflows in a snap.
Version control
BPMN 2.0 support
XML Import/Export
Parallel branching

Versioning & archiving

The system versions edits made to all business objects, helping you keep track of any changes and revert them upon necessity. Besides, you can rest assured that none of your objects will get deleted permanently: DWKit’s logical deletion archives them and stores them securely so that you can recover everything that could have gotten lost.

Database support

Currently, DWKit supports MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle out of the box. We’re working on delivering new database providers including NoSQL ones. Do not hesitate to get in touch in case you need one that is not on the list and we’ll get back to you with a provider of your choice within 2 weeks.
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Browser support

Being built with HTML5 and browser-agnostic JavaScript libraries, DWKit is compatible with all major browsers, spanning their legacy versions.

Localization & RTL interfaces

Whether you work in a multi-language environment or need the system translated into another language, we got you covered. DWKit comes with a dedicated module, that allows you to localize it into any number of languages of your choice and set a global or per-user localization.

Besides, support for Right-to-Left languages, which mirror the UI when displaying right-to-left languages, is coming soon. Contact us to speed up the delivery of an RTL build.

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