Getting started

Here you can download all the resources necessary to get acquainted with DWKit. We recommend to get started by downloading the Vacation Request sample. If you want to create a pilot project or to have a look at a more complex solution built with DWKit, download the HRM solution or fork it on GitHub. This solution contains most of the DWKit features. You may also have a look at DWKit's official GitHub repository.

You can run current samples on Windows, Linux, MacOSX with pre-installed .NET 6.0. You need .NET 6.0 to build the project. We recommend Visual Studio 2017 and JetBrains Rider to work on your DWKit-based project.


Release date
Starter Pack 3.6.0
Basic version of DWKit which contains the system's core, the user interface, and an admin panel. We recommend to use it if you have already studied the documentation and got a grasp of the product. The archive contains the ASP.NET Core source code of the MVC project.The package is available on GitHub.
Vacation Request Sample 3.6.0
The simplest example of a DWKit-based product. We recommend to use it to get acquainted with DWKit's basic capabilities. You can create a sample pilot project for your company based on this example. You can have a look at the online demo. The package is available on GitHub.


Release date
Human Resource Management
This is an implementation of a corporate Human Resources Management system. It includes employee cards, documents with approval routes and a set of reports. The source code is available on GitHub.


We regularly update NuGet packages so we recommend this way of integrating DWKit into your project.

PM> Install-Package DWKit-Core
PM> Install-Package DWKit-Security
MS SQL provider
PM> Install-Package DWKit-ProviderForMSSQL
PostgreSQL provider
PM> Install-Package DWKit-ProviderForPostgreSQL
Oracle provider
PM> Install-Package DWKit-ProviderForOracle
MySQL provider (coming soon)
PM> Install-Package DWKit-ProviderForMySql
Starter Pack (coming soon)
PM> Install-Package DWKit-StarterPack