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DWKit in its mobile frontend displays mobile forms which as a rule are created in DWKit admin panel. The approach of working with Mobile forms like Web forms.

Mobile FormBuilder

How to launch on physical devices

We recommend using our Expo demo stand.

  1. Install Expo on your device.
  2. Scan QR code on the Demo page and open the app.
  3. Set URL in the input.
  4. The app will connect to your DWKit installation..

How to start

  1. Install tools.

    For Android:

    For iOS, you need to install XCode.

  2. Install dependencies:

    1. Open "mobile" folder and run install-deps.ps1 script.

      For macOS/Linux:

      pwsh ./install-deps.ps1
      pwsh ./install-ios.ps1

      For Windows:

      powershell install-deps.ps1
    2. Run Android:

      1. Open mobile/android in Android Studio and build it.

      2. Run:

        chmod +x android/gradlew (For Linux/macOS only)
      3. Physical devices:

        react-native start
      4. Emulator in Windows:

        npm run android
      5. Emulator Linux:

        npm run androd-linux

        or for Windows:

        npm run android
    3. Run iOS (it works for macOS only!):

      npm run ios

      For some cases you need to clear Android files:

      cd android && ./gradlew clean

How to Debug

  1. Install React Native Debugger:
  2. Run React Native Debugger and an emulator.
  3. You need to switch debug mode on for the emulator.
    • For iOS press Cmd + D
    • For Android in Metro terminal press R.
  4. In the mobile interface choose Debug. For more information:

How to build iOS package

Open ios folder in xCode and build the project.

How to build APK (Android)

Place your terminal directory to android using:

cd android

Then run the following command:

For Windows:

gradlew assembleRelease

For Linux and macOS:

./gradlew assembleRelease

Check the APK in -> android/app/build/outputs/apk/release/app-release.apk.