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Binding forms to Security

In DWKit forms are bound to permission groups in the editing forms interface (i.e. Form Builder).

Binding forms to Security

When clicking Security button, a window will pop up, in which permissions group name must be specified. If the form is not bound to any of the permissions groups, it will be available for view and editing to all authenticated users. Permissions group must have two permissions with the following names:

  • 'View' - permission to view form.
  • 'Edit' - permission to edit form.

These two permissions will be checked automatically. However, note that you can specify other permissions in the Permission group bound to Form, and check them later in client or on server. Besides, all permissions bound to form will be automatically uploaded to the client upon request of the form. You can get access to them via the global state of the client application. You can also write expression in component properties, which will allow you to hide component in the form or make it value uneditable, depending on types of permissions. These expressions can be set in the Other tab.