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Workflow (Business Process Management) features

You can create workflow processes in DWKit and bind them to document editing forms. In practice, it means that the document will comply with the process. You can write code executed at a certain moment of time in processes, specify actions triggered by external influence (i.e. user commands), set timers, etc. We discuss process management features in this section.

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What do the process management features in DWKit provide?

Besides DWKit our company also has another great product - Workflow Engine.NET. It is an embedded workflow engine with graphic HTML5 designer. It is fully integrated into DWKit. It means that DWKit can use 100% capacity of Workflow Engine.NET. However, as DWKit is a business app builder, we have added additional features into it to simplify Workflow Engine.NET usage. Such as:

Where is the process management features control carried out?

Process schemes, business flows, command forms are created in the Workflow section of the admin panel. Also, there's an interface in this section which controls all created processes in the system: Manage instances. Here you can find any process created in the system, review it and change its state. Scheme connection to process is executed in Form builder. Here you can specify which process the form is using and place special Workflow bar component into the form, which displays command buttons and allows forced changes to workflow process state. End user manages process, by clicking command buttons in the Workflow bar.

Where to start?

We suggest the following sequence of steps to learn how to manage workflow features in DWKit:

Where can I find the server-side code that is responsible for process management features?

Workflow runtime is the main object which controls processes on server. It is configured in the OptimaJet.DWKit.Application/WorkflowInit.cs class. Learn more about Workflow runtime settings in Workflow Engine.NET documentation. There is also a WorkflowController controller on server-side. Graphic designer of scheme processes works using its methods. This controller returns available commands for execution and available states for process state changing. It is also responsible for command execution and process state changing.