DWKit is arguably the best solution in the market when it comes to feasibility since it has no redistribution limitations, no loyalty fees, a perpetual license, and ensures low time to market with expected results.
One-time payment
DWKit has a perpetual license, meaning that you pay once and use it within a single product with no do usage or distribution limitations.
Vendor unlock
We provide our customers with the source code so that they are capable of making any changes to DWKit whether we are there to help or not.
Low time to market
Our ready-made solution and comprehensive documentation allow you to get down to development faster, and launch an MVP in weeks, rather than months or years.
Ease of development
DWKit’s modular structure entails easy and intuitive development compared to existing platforms, such as SharePoint, without having to recompile your solution upon each change.
Deep customization
Purchasing DWKit Ultimate, you get full access to the source code, meaning that you can make whatever changes to the platform you desire, be it the backend or the UI.
Predictable TCO & quality
Building your solution on top of DWKit lowers risks related to developing one from scratch—DWKit lets you get a predictable TCO & quality of the final product.
Constant updates & support
DWKit’s paid licenses come with 3 months of support and 1 year of version updates free of charge, providing you with an ability to get in touch with our dev team if you get stuck.
Contemporary responsive UI
DWKit’s design offers complete functionality for mobile and tablet users through its responsive web interface: all you need to do is change colors and upload your logo.
Drop us a line and we will get back to you within 24 hours to answer your questions. All submitted information will be kept confidential.