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.NET Open Source BPM Software

An open source BPM system

DWKit is a .NET open source BPM system made with simplicity and flexibility in mind. DWKit allows you to model, automate and execute mission-critical business processes, whatever industry you’re operating in.

A ready-made BPM solution is often not enough to satisfy your business requirements. Be it the need to ensure regulatory compliance or to build custom logic that goes beyond what the system has to offer, we believe that making the source code open is the way to go.

Hence, we made DWKit’s source code available to our customers so that they can alter whatever it is that will make their business more efficient.

Easy, yet flexible

Have you been looking for a business process management solution that would be as compelling to your business users as Sharepoint, yet as flexible and customizable as Microsoft Dynamics? Look no further.

We know that Sharepoint is pain when it comes to development, whereas Microsoft Dynamics is pain when it comes to users. DWKit strikes the golden spot.

Pain for developers
Easy for developers and business users
Pain for business users
Lightweight web portals
Heavy enterprise apps

Bridging developers and business

DWKit offers you what most BPM system lack — a dual focus on developers and business users. The system is built in a way that bridges the gap between them and allows to easily model processes for the most sophisticated business scenarios together, whilst enjoying vast integration capabilities with your current IT infrastructure.
For business users
For developers
Web Interface
DWKit provides your business users with a neat responsive web-based interface, enabling them to change the data model on the fly without the need to recompile the solution.
Drag & Drop Form Builder
In the end, it’s all about the end user. This is why we spiced DWKit up with a drag & drop form builder, that allows anyone to create complex forms in a few drags and clicks.
Fully Customizable UI
DWKit offers you a fully customizable user interface, allowing you to change the look and feel of the system to adhere to your brand guidelines or match your preferences.
Excel & CSV Import/Export
Users love Excel. Whether fortunate or not, DWKit provides them with an option to export views to excel for further reuse and sharing and import the changes back.
Bulk Actions
DWKit offers the convenience of handling multiple requests in seconds with bulk actions, including copy, deletion, status change and any custom commands of your choice.
Search & Discovery
The system makes it easy for your end users to quickly locate the exact entity or document they need among thousands of records with instant search, filtering and sorting.
Drag & Drop Form Builder
DWKit has a web-form builder based on React. The builder supports a set of controls for building neat, yet complex enterprise applications.
Business Object Constructor
Our system comes with an easy-to-use constructor that lets you design your business data model and specify the characteristics of your business objects.
Workflow Engine
DWKit has an in-built lightweight workflow engine with an HTML5 designer, that enables you to add versioned workflows of any complexity to your model in a snap.
XML Metadata
The system stores XML metadata, which can be imported/exported, allowing you to quickly deploy changes made to your model to production or make a backup.
DWKit allows you to integrate with your IT infrastructure (e.g. Active Directory) or third-party software via its RESTful API, providing a separate controller for GET, POST and DELETE methods.
Code Editor
DWKit has an embedded C# code editor and compiler so that you can write custom business logic that gets triggered whenever an event happens.

Use Cases

There are unlimited scenarios where DWKit should be your tool of choice. In fact, it’s an ever-expanding list. Here are just some of the applications of DWKit:
Banking & Finance
Human Resources
Contract Management
Accounts Payable
Invoice Management & Billing
Investment Request & Approval
Hire Process
Vacation Requests & Approval
Business Trip Requests & Approval
Expense Reports & Approval
Collaborative Procurement
Inventory Recalls
Product Lifecycle Collaboration
Claims & Returns
SOP Management
Complaint Management
Project Management
Customer Requests

Modern technology stack

DWKit is the only solution in the market built in the recent decade and with the latest technology. The system does not have any legacy code whatsoever that could make it cumbersome and hard to maintain.
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