Rights of access

For an access permission to objects and to functions of system the security model based on permissions is used. Permissions are broken into groups.

The model of security of DWKit includes the following objects:

  • Users
  • Groups
  • Roles
  • Permissions

Communications between objects are given on the chart below.

Screenshot 1

Available permissions for the user, roles, and groups are defined on level by a DB in the following way:

  • V_Security_CheckPermissionUser
  • V_Security_CheckPermissionRole
  • V_Security_CheckPermissionGroup

Communication of permission with objects (Representations, Forms and the Menu) are carried out on a code of group of permission.

Formation of a code in permission group:

  • Form_
  • View_
  • Menu_

If you were not permitted the access to representation and no connected permission determined, access rights are inherited in the connected form. Same applied for the menu.

For permissions of operations Viewing (View), Addition (Add), Editing (Edit), Removal (Delete) standard codes are defined. These codes of permissions DWKit uses to define access rights.