Release Notes


  • Building with .NET Core 2.1 instead of .NET Core 2.0
  • Full support of the primary key functionality which has been generated on the database side (for example, an identifier). Such attributes should be marked as Calculate = true. Be careful when you're working with the workflow functionality with a non-GUID primary key. At this moment, Business Flows work with a GUID primary key only.
  • Full support of column calculation. Such attributes should be marked as Calculate = true. If such attributes have been shown on a form then they will be refreshed after saving.
  • Added a custom client action - confirm. If you add this action to the action queue, a confirmation window will be shown with two buttons: OK and Cancel. If a user clicks on the OK button, the execution will be continued. If a user clicks on the Cancel button, the execution will be stopped.
  • Admin panel localization
  • Ability to use a custom URL for processing for loading and saving form data
  • Custom formatters were added to the GridView
  • FormBuilder's UI was improved
  • A pure Semantic-UI style as a default style of DWKIt's controls


  • A SignalR hub was added as to enable changing the Global Client State from the server. It is used to update the Inbox and Outbox counters in the Vacation Request sample.
  • Oracle provider was added.
  • The ability to create a column with the type "custom" was added to the Collection Editor control. You can drag any other control, such as Dropdown or Dictionary, to this column.
  • Server pagination for Dictionary control.
  • Server pagination for Users in Admin panel.
  • Workflow Engine was updated to version 3.3.
  • The ability to send APIKey in the request header was added to Integration API, see the updated swagger specification.

The following additional actions must be taken to uprgade to DWKit 2.3

  • Since the data interface for Dictionary Control has been changed, you need to update the DataController (DataController.cs). ou can get it from the Starter Pack or Vacation Request samples.
  • You need to update packages in OptimaJet.DWKit.StarterApplication and OptimaJet.DWKit.Application projects.
  • You need to update wwwroot\scripts folder of OptimaJet.DWKit.StarterApplication project with new versions of DWKIT and WFE scripts.


  • Integration API.
  • Client-side javascript API - DWKitApp.API.


  • Workflow Engine 3.
  • New controls: DatePicker, Dropzone, Breadcrumbs.
  • Form templates.
  • Using {ColumnsName} format for replacing string constaints in controls.
  • Set href-attribute for Menu and Breadcrumb controls.
  • JavaScript Client API for DWKitForm.
  • Customization Date Format.
  • External filters for GridView control.


  • The first release of DWKIT 2.0.