Generation of Grid, Tree, Form

Generation of basic objects of the interface (Grid, TreeGrid, Form) using Sencha ExtJS library.

The generator of a JS code is made through the class OptimaJet.DynamicEntities.View.ExtJs.ViewBuilder.

Method Signature Comment
BuildGrid public static string BuildGrid(EntityMetadata metadata,GridBuildOptions options,GridEditMode mode,StoreType type) Generation grid
BuildForm public static string BuildForm(EntityMetadata metadata,FormBuildOptions options,string id = null,bool isCopy = false) Form generation

Grid settings - GridBuildOptions

# Parameter Type Comment
1 AddForm string Type of creation form. Used at adding new record.
2 CopyForm string Type of copying form. Used when copying record.
3 CustomGridId string Id for created grid.
4 DrawBottomPager bool Flag defines if to use pager.
5 EditForm string Name of editing form. Used when editing record.
6 FilterEnabled bool The flag defines the use of filter in grid.
7 FormShowType FormShowType Display type (Window - in a popup-window, Panel - in the panel).
8 GroupingEnabled bool The flag defines group use in grid.
9 Height int? Height
10 OnRowDblClick string Double click Handler.
11 PageSize int Count of elements on one page
12 ParentContainerIsComonent bool The parental element ExJS is the container
13 ParentEntityOperationType EntityOperationType Operation with parental entity.Edit - editingCopy - copyingCreate - creation
14 RemoveButtonsFromToolbar bool To hide buttons from a toolbar
15 SelectionModel GridSelectionModel Selection model:RowSelection - allocation of strings by colorCheckboxSelection - allocation the check boxing
16 SelectionType GridSelectionType Selection type:None - without selectionSingle - selection of one stringMulti - multiselection of strings
17 ShowTitle bool The flag defines heading display
18 SummaryEnabled bool The flag defines use of a group string
19 Type StoreType Type of grid:Grid- flat gridTreeGrid- hierarchical grid
20 Width int? Width
21 WindowHeight string Window height of record editing
22 WindowWidth string Window width of record editing

Form settings - FormBuildOptions

# Parameter Type Comment
1 BackFormName string The name of a form on which the user will be redirected after pressing Save and Exit or Exit button.
2 EditFormName string Name of editing form. It is used to change record.
3 EntityOperationType EntityOperationType? Operation with entityEdit - editingCopy - copyingCreate - creation
4 ExitButtonText string Tittle of exit button
5 FormTemplateName string The template name for a form. Templates are stored in the table MetaEditFormTemplate.
6 GenerateButtons bool
7 NeedRedirect bool Flag defining the necessity to redirect at saving
8 ParentGridId string Parent grid ID
9 ParentWindowId string Parent window ID
10 SaveAndExitButtonText string Tittle of Save&Exit button
11 SaveButtonText string Tittle of Save button