Realizes basic model of safety on the basis of permissions, roles, users and groups. For more detail see the Right of access.

Groups of permissions and permission

For objects of system the set of permissions is formed. Different actions are available to the user depending on a set of permissions.

Format of the name of groups of permissions:

  • For views: View_
  • For forms: Form_

System types of permissions:

  • Add
  • View
  • Edit
  • Delete

The permissions check for the current user is as follows:

.NET: OptimaJet.Security.Providers.SecurityCache.CheckPermission (groupCode, permission)

JavaScript: optimajet.CheckPermission (groupCode, permission)


Roles are necessary for matching of permissions to users and groups and are can used in workflow.


The group unites users. It can be connected by one or several roles.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2