Used for creation of the user forms.

The user forms are set in the form of a HTML marking with use of ExtJS, jQuery or others libraries. The form consists of the main code and blocks. Blocks can be based on templates.

DWKit supports automatic formation of dynamic objects such as grid, treegrid, fields form.


It is possible to connect a call of external functions to the Form. Call of external functions is specified in string parameters in a format =. Call of function parameters will be transformed to the Dictionary <string, string>.

# Type Format of function
1 Form handler public static ExternalMethodCallResult (string formName, string id, Dictionary<string, string> parameters, Dictionary<string, string> request, ref VisibilitySettings visibility, ref Dictionary<string, string> formparameters){ //CODE HERE return ExternalMethodCallResult.SucessResult;}
2 Dispatcher public static ExternalMethodCallResult ( string formName, string id, Dictionary<string, string> request){ //CODE HERE return ExternalMethodCallResult.SucessResult;}


The block can be based on a template. If the template provides parameters, in the field "Template Parameters" it is necessary to fill value of parameters.


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