Data model

Data model describes system objects. It is used by inner ORM to interact with the database.

The following parameters are defined for each model:

Parameter Description
Name Name of a data model
DbObjectName Name of an object in the database
SchemaName Name of a scheme
PrimaryKey Primary key column
Logical delete attrubute Column for logical deletion
Optimistic lock attrubute Column for lock


Each attribute corresponds to a column in the database. It is described by the following set of parameters:

Parameter Description
Name Name of an attribute
Type Column or reference
Virtual A flag defining that an attribute is not used in database operations.
Calculate A flag defining that an attribute is not used in insert/update database operations.
Data type .NET type


Triggers call handlers in the operations with model data.

Parameter Description
Triggers Triggers of the events to be handled. The following triggers are available: AfterSelect, BeforeInsert, AfterInsert, BeforeUpdate, AfterUpdate, BeforeDelete, AfterDelete.
Action CodeAction to be called
Parameter The parameter that is passed to the handler function

Data model

Sync with Database

Sync with Database enables synchronization of the DWKit data model with a scheme in the database. To start synchronization, follow the link Click here for DB analysis.... After the analysis you will see the difference between the DWKit data model and the scheme in the database.

Tick the changes you want to apply and press Apply selected changes to apply changes. To carry out another comparison, press Refresh.

Data synchronization